Ranzan―An inn for travelers

Ranzan―An inn for travelers
33 Sagatenryuji Susukinobaba-cho,
Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
TEL.075-864-0088 FAX.075-864-0201

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Guide to facilities
Behold the serene appearance of Ranzan. Our facilities can be used for a broad range of accommodations, meetings, and dining and banquet gatherings.
Entrance Entrance Garden
Rooms are prepared in order to offer comfort and allow guests to feel completely at ease.
Guests can choose from among forty rooms, each with its own unique layout.
Twin rooms japanese-style rooms(8) japanese-style rooms(14)
Twin rooms Japanese-style rooms
(8-mat rooms)
Japanese-style room
(14-mat room)
◆ Single rooms: 12 / Twin rooms: 22 /
  Japanese-style rooms (8-mat rooms): 5 /
  Japanese-style room (14-mat room): 1
Banquet room
Katsuragawa offers chair-based seating, Sagano is a banquet room laid out in tatami mats, and Ogurayama is an intimate banquet setting for small groups. We can offer you the perfect location to match your needs and the number of people in your party.
Katsuragawa Sagano Ogurayama
Katsuragawa Sagano Ogurayama
Meeting rooms
Can be used for a wide variety of meetings and training sessions.
Katsuragawa Ogurayama
Katsuragawa   Ogurayama
◆ Katsuragawa: classroom style (99 persons),
  hollow square (72 persons), horseshoe (72 persons),
  banquets (84 persons)
◆ Ogurayama: meetings (18 persons), dining (12 persons)
Othr facilities
Karaoke Takao Large common bath Lobby
Karaoke Takao Large common bath Lobby
You are invited to enjoy this facility after dinner or for some after-banquet pleasure.
Relieve the weariness of travel in arelaxedmanner as you sit in anindulgent bath.
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Restaurant Kyoga
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